GOLDSITE SARS-CoV-2 self-test

Nasal self-test kit for personal use. This self-test is produced by the Goldsite laboratory

On August 8, 2021, the Ministry of Health declared new measures concerning the use of the health pass in France. Among them, the possibility of providing an antigen test for personal use (Self-test) directly to customers of the establishments concerned, in addition to an increase in the period of validity of the health pass from 24 to 72 hours. The Autotest can therefore now be used to generate a compliant sanitary pass in just a few minutes.

Metze Care provides a self-test kit, certified by ANSM, HAS and CE (European Conformity), which strictly meets French and European standards

Kit contents (individual size)

  • 1 User manual in French
  • 1 Nasal swab -1 Sampling container
  • 1 Result Reader
  • Metzecare reference: CVD-AUTO-1231
  • Packaging: 1 Kit / box, 568 boxes per carton
Packaging 1 Kit per box, 480 boxes per carton
Dimensions and Weight 34*66*44cm; 15 Kg

Contents of the kit (5 test format)

  • 1 User manual in French
  • 5 Nasal Swabs - 5 Sampling Containers
  • 5 Result Readers
  • Metzecare reference: CVD-AUTO-1232
Packaging 5 Kits per box, 200 boxes per carton // 1000 kits per carton
Dimensions and Weight 37*67*40cm; 18 Kg

Download the user manual in French:

Download the CE certificate: