Luer adapter

Male Luer cone adapter, for multiple venous blood collection. Colorshield sheath blue.

Reference Name Metze Care product sheet Manufacturer
LAB-PREL-1367 21G Male Luer Adapter Download ZKMD Ltd.


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Luer adapter: An essential element for medical devices

Features and applications

The Luer Adapter is a versatile and essential component in the medical field. Designed to provide a tight and secure connection between different medical devices, such as syringes, catheters, stopcocks and tubing, this adapter simplifies and facilitates medical procedures.

With its high quality plastic design, this Luer adapter provides a sturdy and reliable connection, reducing the risk of leakage or breakage. It easily adapts to a variety of Luer-compatible devices, providing seamless integration with your existing medical equipment.

Universal compatibility

This adapter is compatible with a wide range of medical devices.

Advantages of the Luer Adapter

  • Ease of use: Thanks to its ergonomic design, this Luer adapter is easy to handle and connect.
  • Optimal Performance: The Luer adapter ensures a tight and reliable connection, ensuring optimal performance during your medical procedures.
  • Universal Compatibility: This adapter can be used with a variety of medical Luer devices, providing versatility and a wide range of applications.

To learn more about the Luer Adapter and its use in various medical procedures, please visit our website MetzeCare.

Luer adapter: A must have for healthcare facilities

Whether you are part of a public hospital, private clinic or medical device wholesaler, the Luer Adapter is an indispensable part of ensuring a reliable and secure connection between your medical devices. Don't miss this essential tool that will facilitate your procedures and ensure optimal performance.